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Interpreters in Hamburg

Interpreters in Hamburg

Are you looking for professional interpreters in Hamburg? For business customers and official authorities, Traduktos provides interpreting in Hamburg or other locations. Our services are available in nearly all languages in the areas of simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. Working as simultaneous interpreters we translate speeches for example in real time. As consecutive interpreters we communicate the content of conversations, for example during international negotiations, orally but with a time delay, from one language to another.

Interpreters for a variety of events in Hamburg

We interpret for you at:

  • International conferences
  • Press conferences
  • Negotiations
  • Court appointments
  • Talks
  • And lots of other events

Our professional interpreters prepare themselves rigorously and familiarise themselves with complex topic areas so that the interpreting process runs smoothly. Simultaneous interpreters generally work – for example at conferences – in pairs for each language in an interpreting booth. For this type of interpreting suitable conference technology is required. Should you not yet have this technology for your event, we will be happy to prepare an all-inclusive quotation for you. Just tell us your plans and we will make professional interpreters and the necessary technology available to you.

Would you like to engage us as an interpreter in Hamburg or would you like further information on our services? Get in touch with us using the telephone number +49 (0) 40-209321084, contact us by e-mail on or using our contact form.

Are you looking for interpreters in the Hannover area? If so please contact our office in Hannover directly: Getting here.