Prices for professional translations

We calculate the price of your translation by the line or word and also according to the specialist area and degree of difficulty. We have high quality standards and for this reason we are consciously not a low-cost supplier. We will be pleased to provide you with a customised quotation based on your requirements.

Prices for professional interpreting services

The prices for interpreting depend on the nature of the interpreting assignment. If for example you require an interpreter for a negotiation over a shorter period, we charge different prices from those charged for a whole-day assignment for a professional simultaneous interpreter. What is more, the prices also depend on the desired languages. On the basis of your precise specifications we give you definitive prices for your requirements, and also for the required technology where appropriate.

Personal consultation

In the event of questions connected with our translation services and prices we are happy to have a personal consultation. Simply send us an e-mail or get in touch with us by telephone.

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