What documents would you like to have translated by us?
We provide translations of the following documents:

  • Contract texts
  • Technical translations (operating instructions, manuals)
  • Advertising and marketing texts (brochures, flyers)
  • Translations of websites
  • Certified translations of documents into all languages (contracts, court rulings and decisions, references, personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates etc.)

This is just a selection; simply give us a description of what it is you need to have translated.

Translation of multi-lingual projects

We are also happy to supply your translation in several languages. Why not commission our office in Hannover with the project management and save yourself the trouble of having lots of contacts for the individual languages.

On the basis of our qualifications, specialist knowledge and experience we will advise you, choose suitable professional mother-tongue translators for the relevant specialist area, coordinate the project, provide you with all the translated texts together and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As appropriate, we can also prepare the translation in question using state-of-the-art translation tools and in the particular layout you require.

In the case of translations intended for abroad, our translators take into account the specific national features (localisation) and adapt the translation to the different cultures and mentalities on request.

Bring your translation to our office in Hannover and we will supply you with the right translation in nearly all world languages while providing excellent value for money.

Among others, we offer the following languages for translations: Selection of different languages