Our company Traduktos Übersetzungen und Dolmetschen will be happy to provide you with experienced professional interpreters.

We can accompany you on tours or site visits, be there for you during negotiations, meetings or presentations, or support you at symposia, conventions and all types of specialist conferences.

Simultaneous interpreting

Here our interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth and simultaneously translate the text uttered by the speaker into the desired target language. Simultaneous interpreters mostly work at large events, conventions or conferences. A very high level of concentration is required for simultaneous interpreting, which means that the interpreters should hand over to a colleague after approx. 20 minutes. For this reason there are always two spaces provided in the interpreting booth.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves a time delay after the presentation of the original text. Consecutive interpreting is the appropriate form of interpreting for short speeches, or with negotiations where it is important to have the interpreter present in the room. Consecutive interpreting requires significantly more time than simultaneous interpreting.

With simultaneous interpreting in particular, longer-term advance planning is advisable. To ensure that the interpreter is extensively and sufficiently prepared for their assignment, it is necessary to provide appropriate documents and materials in good time (information material regarding the conference, texts for speeches, company-specific information, flyers etc.).

If required, we can also supply you with the appropriate conference technology: interpreting booths, microphones and receivers or a tour guide system. We work with specialists from this industry and will be happy to provide you with an all-inclusive quotation.

The benefits to you

We will be pleased to support you with your translations

Harness your international potential as a company with the aid of professional assistance from our translation and interpreting services. Please request a no-obligation quote.