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Do you need the assistance of an interpreter at an event/an appointment?

Interpreters in Hannover or at other locations of your choice can provide the following services for you:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting

Professional interpreting from Hannover

If you need an interpreter, our office in Hannover can provide you with precisely the right one for your appointment.

Interpreters convert texts orally from one language to another. Consecutive interpreters work for you as, for example, conversation interpreters, and translate sections of text, with a time delay, during negotiations or in court as sworn interpreters. These interpreters are also needed at private appointments; we are happy to provide you with the one that is most suitable and ensure you get good value for money. Simultaneous interpreters have to be able to listen and speak at the same time. They translate e.g. speeches in real time, usually working in pairs in an interpreting booth for each language.

At international conferences which are often conducted in several languages, these professional interpreters work for you and familiarise themselves with the required specialist areas as accurately as possible in advance. Because they haven’t got the time to ponder over what the right words are.

For simultaneous interpreting in particular, it is important that suitable conference technology is available. We work together with specialists in this field and will be happy to provide you with a quotation including an interpreting booth or for example, where possible, a more simple solution with a tour guide system.

Our interpreters work in a variety of languages for you – from English to Japanese – and lots more.