Nowadays we as translators can also use machine translation in some fields. Its quality has dramatically improved over the past few years.

For these texts we offer you a post-editing service. Texts which have been pre-translated by machine are checked and post-edited by us. This can be invoiced for on an hourly basis or by the word.

It has to be decided on a case by case basis which texts are suitable for this service. Sensitive data for example is not suitable for this (unless transmitted in anonymised form), nor are creative or emotionally charged texts. With technical texts, for example, there is still the problem that the machine translation tools frequently do not translate technical terms consistently. There are a variety of texts where the human translator is still crucial to high quality and the post-editing of machine translations is not sufficient.

Should you be interested in this service and wish to send us a machine-translated text for post-editing, then please get in touch with us. If your text is suitable for this service, then considerable savings can be made compared with purely “human translations”. It is helpful is you supply us with internal company style guides that contain specifications regarding the translations.

Other services in this section are “light post-editing”, where only a rough correction is made of the machine translation, and “gisting”, a summary of the content of your document in order to understand it approximately.

The benefits to you