Traduktos Quality

Qualifications of the translators and interpreters

The job title of translator/interpreter is, unfortunately, not protected by law. Being sworn in as a translator/interpreter does not in itself constitute a qualification/training, it is simply an additional extra. Professional translators have completed a degree course to become a translator/interpreter, or at least a training programme to become an state-approved translator.

Our translations are produced only by professional mother-tongue translators. They have completed professional training. With translations of a primarily technical nature, suitable specialist translators are used.

With translations destined for abroad, our translators take into account the specific national features (localisation) and adapt the translation to the different cultures and mentalities on request.

Quality assurance – verified performance

You will always receive verified Traduktos quality. Every translation is proof-read by a second professional translator.

With us you can be certain of obtaining excellent quality as well as good value for money.


We have decades of experience in the field of translating and interpreting, are abreast of the latest developments and are in regular communication with our professional colleagues.

Which is why you can forward us your translations and your interpreting requests with a clear conscience.

Adherence to deadlines

If we have agreed a deadline with you, you can rely on us sticking to it, naturally also – and particularly – in cases of urgency.

The benefits to you

We offer you translations in all desired languages

Our field of expertise ranges from technical instructions and legal documents to advertising texts. In order to ensure that the translations of your texts are technically accurate, we use only professional translators. This means that you get a high-quality service. With us, your translations are in the best possible hands.