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If you use Traduktos’ translation services you will receive your documents quickly and they will be accurate and professional. Being one of the leading professional translation agencies in Hannover we have the experience and know-how for supplying top-quality translations in a wide range of language combinations and specialist areas for lots of different sectors. We produce translations for you into and out of all common foreign languages.

We also offer translations for demanding specialist areas from the worlds of business, technology, science and law. In addition, you can ask us to provide certified translations of official documents in nearly all languages. We complete all orders on schedule and for a fair price. Our translators are qualified native speakers with several years of experience in translating their specialist areas. For certified translations, we use translators who have been officially appointed by the court or who are sworn or authorised translators.

Traduktos Übersetzungen und Dolmetschen will provide you with translations of contracts, advertising texts, corporate brochures, websites, annual financial statements, manuals and operating instructions, but also of personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, references or testimonials.

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Translation of multi-lingual projects

We can also supply your translation in several languages. Commission our translation agency in Hannover with the project management and save having to deal with several contacts for the individual languages.

On the basis of our qualifications, specialist knowledge and experience, we give you advice, choose suitable professional mother-tongue translators for the relevant specialist area, coordinate the project, supply you with all the translated texts in one go and ensure everything progresses smoothly.

Bring your translation order to Traduktos Übersetzungen und Dolmetschen in Hannover, and we can supply you with the right translation in nearly all world languages and ensure you get excellent value for money.

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We offer you translations in all desired languages

Our field of expertise ranges from technical instructions and legal documents to advertising texts. In order to ensure that the translations of your texts are technically accurate, we use only professional translators. This means that you get a high-quality service. With us, your translations are in the best possible hands.